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In the spirit of Ann Wigmore’s Living Food, you will find that “Skeppsgarden” is the most knowledgeable Living Food health center in Europe.

Welcome to our health center

Skeppsgarden offers you the very best of all healing trough food. The results from almost 25 years of experience is stunning. We truely belive in this, because we see the results every day. Come and try it. Read more about our Living Food courses.

Relax and renewal

Living Food gives you so much on every level. You feel more whole, the body works better, but it also effects the mind and senses in a positive way. Enjoy the beautiful nature, tranquility and great sessions with Anita. Read more about our Swedish health center.

Living and Raw Food

Living food is a vegan, unheated diet, which has a positive and quick healing effect on the body. The diet contains no meat or dairy products, but is based on seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, berries and fruit. Read more about Living Food.

About us

Living Food Skeppsgarden is situated close to Valdemarsvik. You will find the center in a genuine countryside environment where we teach the life-giving and awareness-raising lifestyle with Living Food which was founded in the United States by Dr. Ann Wigmore.

The mansion is located about 220 kilometers south of Stockholm.. It was built in 1909 and previously belonged to the Wallenberg family and was their summer residence. The center houses 11 comfortable single / double rooms, some with sea views and picturesque wood burning stoves.

All the rooms have beds with hotel standards and shower / WC. There is also a spacious lounge, dining room, large hall with fireplace, a classroom / TV room, 2 kitchens (no ovens), upper hall with a library and offices.

The basement is where we grow our green gold – wheat grass. We also cultivate sunflower, buckwheat and pea shoots. In conjunction with the conference center is also a building that houses the sauna, treatment rooms and a laundry room.

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More and more people find their way til Skeppsgarden. That we are particularly happy about. If you wish to reserve your room with us before Christmas – there are few places left, look at our curriculum here.

We are currently looking for interns. You can come here and eat Living Food, and enjoy a wonderful environment in the archipelago. You will become part of the team also learn about an amazing life. Get in touch with us today.